Sam Williams 

Sam Williams is a British freelance writer / journalist / photojournalist / photographer currently residing in Taiwan. Sam has produced works for a number of clients including Whistledown Studios, Taiwan News and EV Performance (visit the Written Works page to view some selected examples of Sam's published work). Sam has a background in the IT industry which he believes shares a surprisingly high number of similar skill-set requirements with modern journalism, such as excellent attention to detail, investigative and problem solving skills, and good technical ability. Sam started his journalism career after travelling around Asia and meeting with Singapore based ex-9tro automotive magazine editor, Benjamin Attard, who would go on to mentor Sam through his personal automotive media outlet, POWAA Garage. As a result, Sam has previously focused on reporting on the automotive industry, writing for UK based EV Performance magazine, and has developed a number of high profile contacts throughout the automotive world. More recently Sam has made a shift towards using photography as a tool to report on the world around him, and has a number of projects planned for the near future.

Epic Melon Media

Epic Melon Media was created as a portfolio platform through which Sam now showcases his past works. Looking towards where Sam believes the future of journalism lies, Sam has developed Epic Melon with the intention of presenting digital multi-media based productions, such as photography and video pieces and projects.

All works featured on this website are the copyright of Sam Williams.